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Would you like to support Cow Face Yoga?


Dear Yogis,


We know this pandemic has influenced everyone, whether directly

or indirectly. Small businesses not excluded. We LOVE being able

to offer a space for our community to gather, practice yoga, unwind,

and connect with other like-minded yogis. Creating and holding that

space is so important to us. It's one of the things we feel we thrive at

as a small business. As the future continues to be unclear, we're

asking for your help. We're so hopeful we can keep the doors open

at Cow Face Yoga, a space that so many of you have grown to love,

and perhaps has even become a second home to. If you'd like to

contribute in any way, big or small, we'd appreciate your generosity

more than we can truly express. Please know that we understand the

financial impact of COVID-19 and recognize that a monetary

contribution may not be feasible for many. Simply having your

support means the world to us. Thank you for your time,

consideration, and generosity. We appreciate you all so very much.


With love,

Kristina & The Cow Face Tribe



Mailing Address:

Cow Face Yoga

P.O. Box 1252

New London, NH 03257

Thank you for your support, always. 

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