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Kristina Lafiosca, Yoga Enthusiast & Founder of Cow Face Yoga

Simply put, I love yoga. 

I was fortunate to rediscover yoga at an interesting crossroads in my life.  What started solely as a physical activity quickly evolved into a practice laced with mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Fascinated by the unique combination of mindfulness and movement, I was initially drawn to the opportunity yoga presented to establish a sense of alignment and grounding. Eventually I learned that the relationship between physical movement and my body, and physical movement and my mind is vastly different, often demanding opposing needs or desires. My practice has created a window of insight, allowing me to bridge the gap between these conflicting requisites. Patience, commitment, awareness, and gratitude have been essential ingredients throughout this journey. 

My belief is that yoga offers something for everybody, and every body.  It creates space to pause, breathe, and simply enjoy existing.  I am continually amazed by the energy, inspiration, and clarity discovered every time I step on to my mat - and so eager to share.


With love & gratitude,



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