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Live Free & Chai

This dessert checks off all the boxes: plant-based, simple, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free (optional) & completely delicious.

About 10 years ago, I mysteriously became reactive to some of my favorite things - gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar. This dietary jolt allowed me to access a portal of culinary curiosity and creativity. I've been consistently making a mess in my kitchen ever since.

This recipe is quick, not too sweet, and, admittedly, rather impressive looking if you're serving a crowd ;)

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Food processor Springform pan Ideally, friends & family to share this with

FILLING: Canned coconut milk (1 can) Raw cashews (1 cup) Blue Lotus Traditional Masala Chai (1 T) Vanilla extract (1 t) Maple Syrup (as much as you’d like) Salt (just a little) * Blend all ingredients in food processor until suuuuuper smooth (5 minutes, ish), set aside

BASE: Walnuts (about 1 cup) Dried Coconut (about 1 cup) Oats (optional/about 1/2 cup) Salt (as much as you’d like) Cinnamon (more is more) Vanilla extract (1t) * Add ingredients to food processor and blend to create a cookie dough-like consistency then press dough onto base of pan to create a crust * Pour pie filling on top * Freeze! * Then add...

TOPPING: Fresh strawberries Fresh oranges A drizzle of honey (I used orange blossom from @savannahbeeco ) Mint leaves for garnish * Pop back in the freezer, and then take it out about 30 minutes prior to serving * Enjoy

Tip: I don’t generally follow a recipe when I’m creating in the kitchen; I recommend taste testing along the way and following your intuition as much as possible.

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